25 Years of love and respect

November 13, 2018

25 Years of love and respect

For more than 25 years, the Think! brand has been designed in Austria and handmade with love in Europe under the strictest ecological and organic standards!

Environmental respect has been a solid part of our company philosophy and every shoe is manually produced with careful consideration for regenerative natural resources and utilisation of materials which are kind to humans, animals as well as nature.

What makes up your Think! shoe?

No animal faded away for the production of our shoes. Our leather is only a bi-product of food processing and we don’t preserve our raw hides with chemical additives, heavy metals or other poisonous substances and we abstain from the use of carcinogenic AZO colours.

 We obtain the natural tannins for colouring from ground bark extracts of plantation-planted trees - an intelligent re-use of waste products. Vegetable - tanned leather allows your feet to breathe, is moisture absorbent, hypo-allergenic and toxin-free!

We utilise natural latex, a renewable raw material obtained from the Hevea tree. Natural latex is highly abrasion resistant and skid-proof and our insoles are made of pure cork, adjusting to the natural shape of your foot in a healthy orthopedic way.

For us, environmental protection is neither a marketing tool nor a temporary fashion topic, but the pure conviction and solid part of our company philosophy. To stay in touch and keep up to date with all things Think!, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.