• I’m thrilled with my Think! Shoes – not only does everyone comment how beautiful they are, but they feel as if I am not even wearing shoes - so good, looks and comfort combined which is not often possible with shoes!

    Jane, Bryanston

  • I love my Think! shoes they are so comfortable and warm and support my feet so well. I am on my feet a lot of the time as I am a health and skin care therapist and I am very happy with my Think! purchase.

    Susan Lockie, Cape Town

  • I have loved my Think! shoes and worn them all the time since I bought them! They are comfortable, but what I like most is that they are funky and fun while still being practical and suitable for work.

    Helen Dagut, Newlands

  • Never before have I had a pair of shoes that have attracted SO much attention. I've been stopped in the street regularly and have been asked 'Oh wow! Where did you get your shoes from?'  I guess it's the combination of funky, comfortable, original and natural that appeals.

    Julia, Cape Town

  • I love my shoes! They are so comfortable and look good too! I like them as they are also original and different as well as being biodegradable!

    Pen Jack, Kenilworth